Comic 11 | Page 9 "dont worry i dont byte" neecra

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24th Sep 2020, 5:03 PM
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Page 9 "dont worry i dont byte" neecra

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comic fury fourm this is more for me lol:
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Page 9 "dont worry i dont byte" neecra


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neecra(purgatory):so josh before i start talking you have any questions

josh(purgatory):well lots like who are you?

neecra(purgatory):im neecra i work links


neecra(purgatory):yes i work links from 44FY to HI16 mental links that is

josh(purgatory):44FY HI16 whats that

neecar(purgatory):its a label for your world and another 44FY is yours

josh(purgatory):so world what do you mean and still WHAT ARE YOU?

neecar(purgatory):give me a bit ill explaine it all and where you are needed ill start with what i am and then the worlds then links


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