Comic 81 | Page 69 Do trenam have coffee?

Chapter 2.2 who is the new guy
19th Nov 2020, 9:12 AM
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Page 69 Do trenam have coffee?

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comic fury fourm this is more for me lol:
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Page 69 Do trenam have coffee?


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Hawthon(treenam):Wanna stop for a drink guys

josh(treenam):Do treenam have coffee?

neecra(mental):The fact that you were able to translate that means yes

hawthon and granite(treenam)sametime:yes we do

josh(treenam):How do I pay ?

hawthon(treenam):In general we use gold and Silver here but you don't have any so I'll just pay for you it's not that expensive

hawthon(treenam):Also get ready for some pretty weird looks from people

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