Comic 95 | Page 81 over the hill we go tomorrow

Chapter 3 the market and some other stuff
3rd Dec 2020, 9:24 AM
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Page 81 over the hill we go tomorrow

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comic fury fourm this is more for me lol:
[url=]Page 81 over the hill we go tomorrow[img][/img][/url]

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Page 81 over the hill we go tomorrow


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Josh(treenam):For someone you call leader, he's surprisingly modest

Hawthorn(treenam):Hey Josh, when he handed you that bag, what did he say

Josh(treenam):he pretty much said welcome and gave me 50 gold I think

Hawthorn(treenam):I assume he did that so you actually have some money to spend at the market. Also 50 gold that’s a bit

Josh(treenam):So anyway where does the map say we need to go

Hawthorn(treenam):Well looks like we're gonna have to go over some mountains and a River. so that sounds fun as there's no path through the forest. But anyway leader told us not to worry about that let's just go enjoy the market


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