A New Realm of Scrutiny (NRoS)

With a new hosts comes more chaos and new rules. This is no longer the Room of Scrutiny, it’s a whole New Realm of Scrutiny. Updates every Wednesday, my dudes. Anyone can pop in and out at any time. LET THE CHAOSSSSSS BEGINNNNNNNNNNNN.

Original Character Tournament



Force your characters to fight each other. For fun.

This is collaborative competition in which the participants pit their original characters against each other in combat. Players exchange moves (in comic, written, animated, or illustrated form) until a victor is determined or the round ends. [Comicfury veterans might recognize this as a modified version of the Character Battles of yore.]


Almighty Protectors

Eight people find themselves drawn together to be a superhero team, often journeying to alternate universes. Whether at home or abroad, they do what they can to help where needed. Their next adventure could be anywhere. Contains LGBT characters. josh treenam is there

The Room of Scrutiny

A collection of answers from the Comicfury thread, the Room of Scrutiny!
If you'd like to submit a question to be asked to the OCs here, just shoot a PM to NiaNook. Let her know if you wish to remain anonymous for your question or to go under another name (Like "Pickle-McShmeeglehort"). Otherwise, your username will be the default!

May not contain every submission, because it appears some of them have been deleted.

JammyTheBirb:The room of scrutiny is set in a dystopic future where everything must be approved by a board of people. They sit in a meeting room, and things are presented to them. Paint rollers? Tick. Footstools? Tick. Marmite? ... INTO THE INCINERATOR.

The problems start when the board decide to start giving the same scrutiny to people... In the Room of Scrutiny
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language


Komee, Dee, Hege and a few others i fuggin forgot, they are your unexpected protaganist They're trains and they work of the Louthshire and Sheftfield Railway This comic follows the wacky tacky bullshit they pull everyday so sit back and watch the shitshow
Komee bumps the coaches and and neecra seam a bit annoyed

Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries

Subject M and Solana Xen both work for Zorgnox's Depository of Earth Sundries, rather unwillingly, but have to fight to save it to save themselves. (This is an entirely new continuity)
neecra is in the Crowed with all the other comeos


Two ex-adventurers decide to step down as adventurers and live a quiet life by buying a bakery near the adventurers' guild... only to discover that living as an ordinary NPC has its own challenges. A post-campaign epilogue of sorts with some Pathfinder/DnD Original Characters. New comics every Wednesday and Saturday!
pebble is in a chair at the re-opened bakery

Valentines Blind Date Crossover Extravaganza

Pick one of your characters and they'll get set up on a blind date! That's it. That's the premise. LET THE CHAOS COMMENCE! The theme IS Blind Date, so make sure you depict a scenario where the characters had no idea who they were spending time with. :) The date can be as innocent and/or platonic as you'd like, or it can get downright scandalous. (keep it within our ratings parameters pls and thank u~)
pebble is seen having a date with shoko from Pegasus Project


Workplace shenanigans with everyone's best friend Bananas.
Neecra gets pulled out of Raul's hair and is seen eating chips.