Comic 12 | Page 10 law time!!!!

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24th Sep 2020, 5:04 PM
last page was Page 9 "dont worry i dont byte" neecra | next page is Page 11 stuff is geeting complacted
Page 10 law time!!!!

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Page 10 law time!!!!


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neecra(law):ok to start with what i am in this "plane" i gess we have two races demons and angels athow the lines are very mix and we do in fact work together and before you say something im not 100% demon im like 50/50 whitch is common it is rare to find 100% angel or 100% demon if one even exists if youre 80% one or the other your work in the respetive field and are given a halo or horns and visually a demon is more animal like and are vibrent in colour angel more human but the most important workers in my opinion is the 50/50 ones we do a lot of the work in maintaining the worlds and purgatory where as demons and angels work in their afterlifes jobs and power to do the jobs are handled by the gods so i have my power from three gods the one for 44FY and HI16 and one of the multiverses


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