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31st Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
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new year 2021 p1

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What a year it’s been with covid and everything.
it’s been a very big year for me Because I started this comic So in celebration of the New Years I wanted to go through why I started.
Starting this comic is not the only thing that started this year.
I also started reading webcomics this year in about August. I started reading a comic called twokinds I finished reading it after a week or two I don't exactly remember, and then I went on to another comic slightly damned and then on to Inverloch and finally bloodline.
then some point between and after that. I know it was after slightly damned and sort of through bloodline maybe.
I wanted to make my own comic. I don't know if this was related or not, but I also imagined a character. at this point unname. just with me and how people would react to them and I had no clue about their appearance but it was most likely wolf-like at one point it was Fox like. this character became pebble. and at some point I put them together to become the comic. This is why the character Josh is actually based off of me
At a similar time I realised I'm going to be doing a course in animation. (this is something for next year 2021) I should probably learn to draw.
So throughout from the unnamed character to September 18th. I would imagine the world of the comic mental link how the world’s work. and a bit on who initiates the link.
September 15th something happened. that's when I decided to check “what price is do drawing tablets go for.” and when i figured out I could get them as cheap as $30. I was like “yeah I guess I buy one it's $30 and if I don't get into drawing that's not too much to waste can still use it for signatures at school or whatever.” So then I bought my xp-pen g430.


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