Comic 124 | new year 2021 p2

1st Jan 2021, 12:00 AM
last page was new year 2021 p1 | next page is Page 105 your going to make a computer
new year 2021 p2

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new year 2021 p2


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It arrived September 18th. After I got used to using the tablet I could actually draw something.
I first made pebble creating every character aspect of how she looked on the spot.
Then I made Josh loosely based off of how I look.
And then finally the hardest one to design was neecra. I spent a good chunk of it just wondering what I was going to do. and then when I finally started he probably had the most changes (He was going to have the wings).
And lastly that day I made the cover but chapter 0.
The next day I started making some pages page and 7. And for the next couple days I did multiple pages a day. keep in mind I didn’t upload
And lastly for the story on September 24th at about 4 to 3 p.m. I decided to figure out where I was going to upload my comic. I know it was possible to get a free site. because I think one of the comics I read before was hosted on one. not comic Fury but something else. so I searched free comic hosting and comic Fury was the top Google result.
Moral of the story if you want to do something. do it.
Now onto one I’m hoping for next year.
Well for one it was mentioned in the story I’m going to be doing a course in animation.
I hope to improve the quality of the comic both in writing and drawing I've already come a long way in both.
I’ve ordered a new drawing tablet and that will arrive sometime 2021. like between the 5th and the 13th I think it said so I hope that goes well.
Happy new year.


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