Comic 16 | Page 14 hay thats the intro

Chapter 1 link established
24th Sep 2020, 5:07 PM
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Page 14 hay thats the intro

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Page 14 hay thats the intro


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neecra(law):and to make a link you need three thing someone who has died someone unconscious that’s you and me someone to help maintain the link by the way when you wake up you might be confused as to you this is a dream but when you remember the link you can ues it again and you will wake up and the other body and it might be a bit to the other wakes up and you will need to be in there body till there up and speeking of other lets her oh and by the way i cant force you two link you both have to say yes


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Guest (Guest) 22nd May 2021, 8:54 PM
I had a hard time understanding what's going on because of the messy formatting
I can ignore the art and focus on the plot instead. But I can't even understand the plot when the format is so difficult to read. The speech bubble is messy, there's no punctuation marks on a lot of sentences