Comic 163 | Page 140 two places at ones

Chapter 3.3 disguises
1st Mar 2021, 12:12 PM
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Page 140 two places at ones

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I'm not sure if this was explained
to you or not. but your
link manager probably
would have said something
about the fact that you Josh,
are technically in two places at once. one
being your bedroom and two right here.
and the same goes for Pebble in your world,
I still don't fully understand how this works,
but I've been studying it but anyway
I figured out how to add another
body to that. Being
activated by a physical
object sort of like an
advanced disguise for all
I know it might just be that.
I thought I would go up and say right now
you currently can't actually use magic Josh
as it is part of the treenam body.


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