Comic 17 | Page 15 call ӰԫԩӁҗҗ

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24th Sep 2020, 5:07 PM
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Page 15 call ӰԫԩӁҗҗ

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Page 15 call ӰԫԩӁҗҗ


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neecra(purgatory):hey josh can i use your phone

josh(purgatory):my phone?


josh(purgatory):i have it here

neecra(purgatory):you fell right asleep i dont think you had time to put it away

josh(purgatory):why do you need it

neecra(purgatory):to make a call

josh(purgatory):how will that work i dont see any cell towers

neecra(purgatory):a you dont need them. b you would it, both here and in your bed

josh(purgatory):dont brake it

neecra(purgatory):dont worry i cant brake it here it is literally impossible this is a void

josh(purgatory):ok ive unlocked it


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