Comic 18 | Page 16 please hold

Chapter 1 link established
24th Sep 2020, 5:08 PM
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Page 16 please hold

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Page 16 please hold


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phone(purgatory):hi you have call the death intake how an i help you

neecra(purgatory):hi im looking to pick uo a soul i work in links

phone(purgatory):ok may i have your id and can you give me the info and ill tell you where to pick up

neecra(purgatory):my id is 44FYHI16 im neecra and im looking for a gray treenam from HI16 name is pebble

phone(purgatory):ok please stay on hold *music*

phone(purgatory):ok you can pick up from *unknown*

neecra(purgatory):ok here is your phone back oh and hold on


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