Comic 187 | Page 162 how does it work?

Chapter 4 Ok.. this is odd
17th Apr 2021, 12:16 PM
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Page 162 how does it work?

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Page 162 how does it work?


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Hawthorn(treenam):So ummmmmm how does it work?

Andesite(treenam):Oh. Its ahhh. So, with the links you know how you have the ability to go to the other world? It’s a bit like that. In the normal case you body is a land mark for where you are in space and when going to the other world it uses the bodies as a landmark that’s why josh stays in he bed as well as being here so when he goes back it know where to go. now that’s what the enchanted item is for it becomes the landmark for the switch it is also enchanted to always be in both worlds. That does not mean you need it on at all times it’s only the landmark for the time it is to switch. Now to control the bodys it the same as when josh was controlling pebble.


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