Comic 188 | Page 163 New bodys

Chapter 4 Ok.. this is odd
20th Apr 2021, 12:40 PM
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Page 163 New bodys

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Andesite(treenam):Also josh, pebble its a bit of a
bell curve with the new bodes
it start not to different then you
will Notice the differences, but then
you'll get used to those differences
and another thing is Josh, with a treenam body
you have access to treenam magic.
And Pebble you being in a human body
you won't, that will be the biggest feeling difference.
And Pebble, Josh I'd recommend training your
magic a bit you have a very good base
you're born pretty strong with it.

Andesite(treenam):Any way if you need more help with stuff you can always come over well seeya


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jmluvsbob 20th Apr 2021, 1:39 PM
With how that last panel is, I like to imagine that he just did this huge, long-winded explanation and then was basically like, “Well, that’s that then. Get the hell out of my house. Go on.”