Comic 23 | Page 20 just close your eyes

Chapter 2 A long walk home
26th Sep 2020, 6:00 PM
last page was cover | next page is Page 21 thats not my mind
Page 20 just close your eyes

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Page 20 just close your eyes


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josh(mental):so what now

neecra(mental):well well well look who is up

josh(mental):oh hi neecra wow this is weird its like a voice in my head well it is is it not oh you can hear me ramble cant you


josh(mental):so what do i do now

neecra(mental):i would weight for pebble to get up. you can have a go at doing it manually

josh(mental):how do i do that

neecra(mental):sit down and close your eyes and imagine yourself in your mind or in your case now minds


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