Comic 36 | Page 33 long walk

Chapter 2 A long walk home
5th Oct 2020, 2:47 PM
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Page 33 long walk

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unknown(treenam):PEBBLE YOUR OK!!

pebble(treenam):yes i am

whoknows(treenam):ok i got you two up who is the hairless treenam?

josh(treenam):im josh not treenam

whoknows(treenam):you did a really good job at healing her just a scar and you must of been thear as soon as she hit the ground and still i did not think that would work

whoknows(treenam):how did you do it?

josh(treenam):wellll i did not heal her im just a byproduct of what did me and peeble will explane its weird though trust me

whoknows(treenam):well it is a long walk and a stoy on the way dose not sound like a bad idea


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