Comic 99 | page 84 dagger

Chapter 3 the market and some other stuff
5th Dec 2020, 10:41 AM
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page 84 dagger

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Hawthorn(treenam):would you be able to get him in an enchanted sword for 50 or less gold

ash(treenam):well I can't exactly do a sword but I have an old enchanted dagger I could give him for 25

josh(treenam):Can I have a look

ash(treenam):go ahead

josh(treenam):So what's it enchanted with

ash(treenam):oh it's a very basic enchantment of pretty much self care so keep itself sharp and clean


ash(treenam):It also comes with this clip on so you can clip it onto your clothes. although I don't know how someone with full clothes can only afford 50. So you want to buy it for 25?



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